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Musician. Singer. Guitar Player. Composer.

Justin is starting the new year with a series of performances and recording sessions. Many 2024 dates have been added to the calendar!

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Justin Gillen is a versatile freelance musician skilled in playing both acoustic and electric guitar, with expertise in many musical genres. He has participated in numerous concerts and music festivals in America, while supporting his own band and contributing his talents to various musical projects.

Justin Gillen, a native of Pomfret, Connecticut, started his musical journey at the age of 12 when he first started playing guitar. With his passion being in so many blends of music including blues, rock, alternative rock, and soul influences, he spent years shaping his musical identity. At 33, he's gained over a decade of professional experience, having pursued his dreams across Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, while also performing all over the United States before settling a home studio in Pennsylvania.

Justin's journey started with an intense love for the guitar and music centered around the instrument. He drew inspiration from a vast amount of music spanning ranges from B.B. King to Led Zeppelin, all the way to the solo acoustic performers like Tommy Emmanuel and Chris Stapleton. Countless hours of practice in his formative years laid the foundation for the ability to make music a professional career. Once he had established a strong foundation on the guitar, Justin continued to work on music and eventually ventured into the art of singing. This newfound skill not only enriched his solo acoustic performances but also led to the creation of his own band, named "Second Wind," where he was able to stretch out his vocal capabilities fronting a band, opening new doors of opportunity...

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